My 3 Biggest Fights

I fight 3 men each day. Sometimes I win, other times I get my ass beat.These are My 3 Biggest Fights.

One thing I have learned in the years of trying to lose weight and get fit, is that there are fights we have to constantly be active in. These fights are everything and will be the difference between whether we step closer or further away from our goals each day.

The first man I fight is laziness. This is the hardest fight as laziness disguises itself behind reasoning. Laziness excellent at thinking up reasons about why I am too busy to hit the gym. “Gotta get some work done on the website.” Which quickly becomes an evening on binging Netflix while staring at my computer. There is only one way to fight laziness and that is learning to recognise it and the excuses for what they are… You have 24 hours in a day. 168 hours in a week. 5-7 hours out of that for your health should not be too much to ask.

The next fight is with cravings. Like it or not, you have become addicted to somethings. Food, drink, feelings from each. Sometimes those cravings will be very powerful and what should have been a drive passed KFC, turned into 9 pieces for $9.95 and 2 sides for $5. But the cool thing is, your body is a scientific miracle with every craving being a reaction in your brain. If you can think about and break down why you want a certain food at the time, you can supplement it with a healthier option. This won’t completely tame the craving, but it will definitely help make it more manageable. So if I want KFC, I am generally pretty keen for something salty.. Chasing that bar of dairy milk would mean I want something sweet. Buy a few packs of vegetables chips or sweet potato chips from Woolies. Its not perfect but its much better than a bucket of fried chicken. Sugar cravings are even simpler. A glass of juice, a piece of fruit should help curb that craving. There are also supplements and tablets you can have. Magnesium does a decent job of reducing sugar cravings.

Fighting Habit sucks. You automatically do so many things without really thinking. Walk passed the kitchen and most people take a look in the fridge or pantry. Their hands take care of the rest without thought.
They say it takes 3 weeks to break a habit. But in my experience it is longer. Its a couple of months. Recognise this and be prepared that after 3 weeks it might not be any easier. Habits are tough, they require you to fight laziness and cravings constantly for a decent length of time. These fights are hard enough without putting an unknown clock on them. It requires a conscious effort to beat your habits.

Maybe you have not noticed yet, but there is a common enemy and ally in all these fights. My brain. Only by training your brain first do you have a hope in hell of beating it. It is all happening in your mind. These fights with laziness, cravings and habit. So it is only by training your brain to recognise and fight these feelings, that you can start to get real results out of training your body and eating healthy.

Train your brain:

1. Recognise the problems when they are happening.
2. See that even the urge to give into the craving is just a chemical in your brain wanting to be satisfied.
3. Consciously make efforts to do the opposite of what your brain is telling you to do or not do. Choose the good, healthy option.
4. Download Myfitnesspal. This free app is incredible for tracking what you eat. You can even scan barcodes. You can also record you exercise.
5. 1 slip. 2 slips. 10 slips. Whatever. Just make sure you enjoyed them and get back to fighting.

We are all different. Look for the best way for you. My way may not suit you. But the internal fight will be similar in most people. If others can do this, so can you. So can I.

Final tip: Go out and buy a bunch of plain red and green stickers. Go through your fridge and pantry and put red stickers on the naughty or in moderation stuff. Put green stickers on the healthy stuff. This will help with fighting habits.