17 year old Jake Elson was at the prime of his life when he was struck down by a rare form of bone cancer in late 2017. After major surgery to remove a large tumour from his neck, he suffered from a minor stroke and also had to endure 3 bouts of meningitis.

Intensive radio therapy followed, but a recent MRI has revealed that the primary tumour has returned, that there is evidence of several secondary tumours and that the cancer is now aggressive.

Jake will undergo trial on an experimental form of chemo in mid July. We can only hope that it brings some relief to Jakes condition.

Please know, that for this young man, failure is not an option! Jake has bucket loads of courage, he’s a true blue fighter and he’s determined he’s going to come out on top of all of this.

He has an incredibly loving and committed family supporting him, but they are struggling both emotionally and financially. Jakes mum, Cass has not worked since November, following her commitment to care for Jake at home. Family finances are stretched to breaking point, and they need help desperately.

This campaign has been set up to help pay for essential living bills and unfunded medical expenses, but also to be able to grant Jake some very special wishes during the coming month.
Please support it