It’s all the buzz the last few months as Keto powder products like Pruvit Keto//OS and Max products spread like wild fire and each brand starts taking on their own version of it. We want to go into our thoughts on Ketosis and Keto powders. We have tried a few and listened to other research and opinions and we think we have formed our own opinion. Take from it what you will.

Some Benefits of Ketosis:

  • REDUCED TRIGLYCERIDES (fat molecules)
  • MORE..

Firstly Ketosis. What is it?

The team at Peptides Direct wrote “Ketosis is a natural metabolic state your body enters when your body is deprived of carbohydrates. When your body switches from using primarily carbohydrates for fuel it switches to using fats as an energy source. Typically, the body burns carbohydrates from food to function, but when you adopt a diet of low calories (and low carbohydrates) your body switches into ketosis. When your body is in a state of ketosis the body is burning fat for energy, meaning you are tapping into the body’s fat storage that is often the hardest to shift. To enter a state of Ketosis you should follow a pretty stringent diet, called the Ketogenic Diet.”

Basically to get your body into ketosis, you need to massively reduce your carbs down to around 5-10% of your Daily Intake (DI). Protein between 15-30% DI and Fats (preferably healthy fats) between 60-75% DI.

We have tried it and that first couple of days while challenging is not nearly as rough as stepping into very low calorie diets. At least with this, you still get to eat tasty tasty foods. Cheese and some yoghurts became my besties as they were my go to snacks. In my first week I dropped 4kg and my energy levels (along with focus) was better than they usually are. Without Keto Powder assistance, it would take nearly a week of being on a strict keto diet to start getting positive results of being in ketosis. This can be measured with keto test strips that you pee on.

The ONLY reason this was slightly difficult is we like to eat out. Most dishes come with a potato side. Also big fans of chocolate (choc protein FTW!) and sugars convert to carbs. But all in all, huge fans of ketosis, keto diets, being ketogenic.


Yeah, but what about these Keto powders? Legit?

We sell Pruvit Keto//OS and Keto Max sample packs. So we should say yes right? No bullsh!t here. We believe they are a great assist. But we are not sold on this special powder being able to put your body into Ketosis in an hour.

Our theory (shared by many): When you drink a keto powder, you are drinking a large amount of designed ketones. As with anything you have excess off, when you pee, you get rid of any nutrients and in this case ketones that your body didn’t absorb. So when you pee on the ketone pee strip, you get a positive result.

WHY ARE YOU SELLING IT THEN? We hear people saying.

We are greedy bastards that love money…
Nope. Not it. We don’t mind a few dollarydoos in the wallet. But we have 3 other reasons.

1. We are running on a theory. One we are confident in, but still just a theory.

2. Our customers are fully able to make their own decisions on this. We will share our thoughts honestly to anyone who will listen. But we will leave the option there for you to decide if you want to try it.

3. THIS IS THE MAIN REASON: We think this ups the game for people already working towards getting their body into a keto state by living by a keto diet. We think the excess ketones from these keto packets will increase your level of ketosis. Ketosis isn’t just an on and off state. There are different levels and a pee strip test will change colour the higher your level of ketosis is. So if there is something that help you achieve that higher level, we are happy to offer that.

In conclusion. We don’t believe all the claims out there by the keto powder companies, but we do believe they are a good aid to a keto diet. Much like protein powders help with muscle gain.

(The plug)
If you are keen to give it a go. CLICK HERE to check out the keto sample packs we have available.



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