One of the most common questions personal trainers are asked is:
“Will gaining muscle help me burn fat?”


The simple answer is YES.

When we work our muscles through weight training or High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), we are in the process of building muscle mass. Muscle tissue burns more calories in the body than fat does.

A study discussed in an article by Webmd, which claims that 5KG of muscle would burn more than 50 calories in a day in rest, while the same amount of fat is only just over 20 calories. Muscle more than doubles the burn!

We recommend weight training and HIIT exercises because they fall under Anaerobic exercise which helps you burn fat and gain lean muscle. Aerobic has its benefits as well with increasing endurance and cardiac health. But some studies show that aerobic exercise like jogging, burns muscle as well as fat. You also need to exercise for longer to burn the same amount of calories as people doing anaerobic exercise.

In summary, gaining muscle will help you burn fat faster. This isnt saying you need to be massive. We recommend working with a trainer a few times in order to work out what is right for you.

We have a range of supplements that are specifically designed for muscle building and recovery. Even some that directly assist with subcutaneous fat loss. (thats the fat about the muscle).

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