9 Steps To the Body You Want

9 Steps To the Body You Want.. For as long as I can remember I have admired people in the health and fitness industry. Even been a bit jealous of them. Thinking that they easily stay fit because their work would keep them focused. I know I am not alone in thinking that.

Eventually my work brought me into the industry, being connected to a number of HIIT gyms and businesses that sell products to help people with whatever their fitness goals are. But aside from a little bit here and there, I did not see the weight loss or lean muscle growth that I assumed I would always be motivated to strive for.

I then started my own sports supplement range with this focus on quality. At that point I assumed I would be more motivated to attain the level of fitness and the body that I wanted. Again it helped a bit as it saw me in gyms and connecting with more athletes and health and fitness experts. But it still wasn’t what I expected.

Its now that I realise, you have to dig into yourself and embed the motivation you require. Stay focused on that! You will not move forward with your goals or ambitions if you are always looking for other people or things or whatever, to motivate and inspire you.

So as I recorrect and work on myself and move myself forward, I want to talk to everyone about focusing on yourself and setting a plan, even if just in your mind to start.

9 Steps To the Body You Want:

  1. Get that strong mental image of how you see yourself. Make sure it is something you can achieve healthily.
  2. Work out stage goals as well. Not just one end goal. By accomplishing smaller goals along the way, it will make it easier to stay motivated.
  3. Aim higher. My old head master used to have this saying. “If you want to shoot an arrow over a tree, aim for the moon.” Aim high and work for it. You might suprise yourself.
  4. Healthier eating and regular exercise. Don’t give up just because you had a cheat meal or skipped a couple of days exercise. Just clean it up today and get back to the gym.
  5. If you need to seek help. Do it. Some people have a hard time initially motivating themselves. Get a trainer or nutritionist. Get a gym buddy and know each others goals.
  6. Take photos. You might not see big differences every week, but trust me after you have been at it a while and you go back and look at your week 1 photo, you will see the change. Own it and be motivated further by it.
  7. Don’t be a saint. Its too damn hard! Plan for a cheat meal every now and then. Plan a day off from the gym here and there.
  8. Remember that 30 minutes of exercise a day is not going to see you cutting heaps of weight or anything. 30 minutes will help you maintain.
  9. Keep in your mind, that right now, you are the youngest you will ever be again. There is no better time than now to work for the body you want. If you put it off, it will get harder.

In conclusion, my goals are set. I have some serious work to do and I need to get these cravings under control. Set your goals and step towards them. You are the ONLY person who can do it for you. Now to step through 9 Steps To the Body You Want.